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Upgrade or downgrade your bootloader with BootNeuter

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default Upgrade or downgrade your bootloader with BootNeuter

Post by Admin on Thu May 20, 2010 1:33 pm

2g no signal at 3.1.2
I was planning to review BootNeuter together with the release of
But as it still hasn’t been released due to several little bugs that the
developer want’s to fix, i will go ahead and review the BootNeuter app
I’ve had a lot of people who ask me, what is BootNeuter and why do i
need it.
First let me explain what it does.
BootNeuter let’s you switch between bootloaders (for info about
bootloader and baseband go here).
So why do i want to switch bootloader? Without going into to much
technical details (if you’d like, we can talk about this, just drop me a
mail), for improved Google Location and improved battery life if you’re
running 1.1.3 or 1.1.4.
People who are running older firmware versions, should not upgrade to
the BL 4.6
Ok now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss this neutering
What is neutering your bootloader?

-A neutered bootloader gives you absolute control over your baseband.
The normal restrictions invoked by apple are completely removed !
-The baseband is no longer integrity-checked
-Can be patched (unlocked or other custom modifications)
-4.6BL will even run with patched baseband ??� no need to revert to
3.9BL even with most recent firmware
Secpack restrictions are removed
-You are free to downgrade your baseband using bbupdater without having
to run ieraser/ienew first.
-No longer does the ???greater than??? (4.6BL) or ???greater than or
equal??? (3.9BL) rule apply. You can arbitrarily go up and down
regardless of what secpacks you use.
Secpack signatures are ignored
-The RSA encrypted header is no longer checked for correct hash values
by the bootloader
-The *.fls files can be patched and fed to bbupdater directly
-A copy of the last used secpack will be saved at a03c0000, retrievable
via norz or similar dumpers. Not that secpacks even matter anymore.
-Your neuter selection survives iTunes restores and updates
Let’s have a look at the app Bootneuter itself
Warning ! You must be on fw 1.1.4 to be able to bootneuter your
bootloader with BootNeuter !!

1) You can locate the app in the tools category of the installer, if you
haven’t pwned your device..

2) Before you launch BootNeuter, switch off your Wireless.
and make sure your battery is high enough.

3) Let’s launch the app.

4) While the app starts it will determine your settings.

5) when the app stars you can chose your Bootloader version. If you
are on 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and see that your baseband is 3.9.
I recommend that you select the 4.6, activate the neuter and the unlock
After that press flash and wait some time. The procedure can take
some time, so don’t swith of your iPhone while it’s busy !!!
I’ll include some screenshots of me going back to 3.9.
Tjhe principle is the same for upgrading as for downgrading.
The process goes in several stages.
a) First the Bootloader will be flashed.
b) 2nd the Baseband will be flashed.

Et voila .. you’re iPhone’s bootloader and baseband have been
Now all you have to do , is reboot your iPhone , and it’s done.
This big app is available in the through the Sendowski
packaging source, see our


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